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Contacts in Tartu


Rando Pärna

Country manager Seed Forum Estonia

Mobile: +372 56 21 38 35



Edgar Pravon

Project manger Seed Forum Estonia

Mobile: +3725582798




1st pitch training in Tartu February 3, 2011

The 1st pitch training in Tartu in Estonia was kindly hosted by the Innovation Department of the University of Tartu on Thursday the 3rd of February 2011. The pitch training included 5 Estonian companies whereof 4 from Tartu and 1 from Tallinn


Unexpected Surprise in Seed Forum Tallinn

It was well worth to participate in Tallinn Seed Forum.

Since I'm not from Estonia I expected that at least I would get some contacts in the country. The trip certainly filled out the expectations with the contacts - from a single event I got 35 business cards and got in touch with several investors. The surprise was the 25 customer leads that I talked to during the forum - what an unexpected sales performance!

Eero Heino, CEO and founder

Find me:, mobile: +358 50 465 4004, Skype: eeheinoLinkedIn, Twitter: Usetrace, eeheino