Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to take part in Seed Forum?

There is no fee for investors to take part in Seed Forum.

There is no success fee in Seed Forum.
The fee to take part in a Seed Forum Basic or Born Global pitch training is EUR 315,- + VAT per person.
The fee to pitch is EUR 2490,+ VAT per Seed Forum Global investor forum and EUR 1245,- per Seed Forum national investor forum.
In some countries the fees to Seed Forum pitch trainings and investor forums may be partly or fully granted from partners of Seed Forum.
A company can participate with up to 2 persons in each Seed Forum investor forum, and the disbursement fee is EUR 120,- per person in addition to the participation fee.
The fee for companies participating in a local Seed Forum Process is set by each Seed Forum national representative.


Who will I meet in Seed Forum?

Seed Forum investor forums are attended by investors and financial intermediaries with access to capital for early stage investments, the companies pitching and exclusive Seed Forum partners. Investors are private high net individuals (hereunder Business Angels) and investment managers of seed funds, venture funds, corporate venture and family offices.
Seed Forum is core conducting investor matchmaking.
Various types of investors in the forums are different in various geographical destinations. Most forums are attracting a combination of private investors or their representatives and investment managers of funds. All international Seed Forums is focusing on presenting born global growth companies to wealthy high-net individuals or their representatives and investment managers of funds. All local Seed Forums are focusing on private investors..
The international forums in Northern Europe and the United States are financial forums, and forums in emerging markets are a combination of capital acquisition and market access.
The trend is that companies go international much earlier than before combining the search for international private equity investment with access to new markets as the method of working through investor networks is a very powerful method also for internationalization.
The number of investors attending in the various forums is different depending on the size of the respective investor community, the current stage of development of Seed Forum in the destinations and the current financial climate in the respective country.
Seed Forum does not distribute lists of participants in Seed Forum as the aim is to get leads through extensive networking.


Is there an industry focus in Seed Forum?

There is generally no industry focus in Seed Forum, but each Seed Forum has its specific focus depending on Seed Forums general understanding of the interest of the respective investor community.

All forums has a focus on IT and renewable energies. Seed Forum in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Singapore have a special focus on biotechnologies and life science. Seed Forums in Oslo, London and Moscow have a special focus on oil and offshore technologies. Seed forum in Oslo, Stockholm, London, Helsinki and Singapore have a special focus on telecom technologies. Seed Forum Copenhagen, Hamburg, Reykjavik and Singapore and New York City has a special focus on gaming. Seed Forum in Oslo, London, Singapore and Moscow has a special focus on maritime technologies. Seed forum in Moscow, Kyiv and Shanghai has a special focus on concepts within fisheries. Seed Forum in Hamburg, Singapore and Moscow has a special focus on security technologies. Seed Forum in Copenhagen, London, Minneapolis and Singapore has a special focus on medical technologies. Seed Forum in Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Singapore, New York City and Silicon Valley has a special focus on internet concepts. Seed Forum in Silicon Valley and Singapore have a special focus on technologies to reduce global warming. Seed Forum in Silicon Valley has a special focus on enterprise software.

Seed Forums in emerging markets are typically more presenting non-technology companies with a global growth potential. Seed Forum Kyiv and Seed Forum Moscow are forums in very emerging markets but where the forums are also presenting commercialized technologies from the previous military-industrial complex of the Soviet Union.

Seed Forum is constantly searching for companies with disruptive and gamechanging technologies and business concepts to present in our global forum destinations in Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Dubai / Abu Dhabi and Singapore.


Which assistance can I get from Seed Forum?

Investors: Seed Forum provides an opportunity for investors to meet a qualified and trained investor ready deal-flow of companies pitching in Seed Forum. The aim of the process is to reduce the risk on investment in early stage companies by presenting investor ready companies.

Companies: Seed Forum are providing fundraising education and pitch trainings for born global companies which gives a great increase of competence in investor readiness. Seed Forum is also providing contact with investors in Seed Forum. Most companies are also experiencing a focus on access to new markets and born globalism through participating in international Seed Forums and also B2B contacts form interacting with other companies.

Nominators: Seed Forum provides an opportunity for key-persons within the innovation system to assist companies to get access to investors and competence of investor readiness by nominating companies. The process also increases the general competence in the innovation system as many nominators are coaches in pitch trainings. .

Partners: Seed Forum provides an opportunity for marketing of services to a selected network of companies, investors and nominators.

Seed Forum is a facilitator of the Seed forum process and does not provide any advice on investment nor marketing of investment proposals as we are not involved in brokerage or financial promotion. All leads from the Seed Forum Process must be followed up by the company it selves and Seed Forum will not be able to assist nor advice on further contact with investors or other participants after Seed Forum.


Which documents shall I file to Seed Forum?

The Seed Forum Business Summary formula filled by a nominated company in word format or here is the only document which will be received and stored in the Seed Forum database. The Business Summary formula can be filed in any language available. All other documentation such as business plans, brochures, investment proposals etc. will be deleted immediately after receipt. It is the responsibility of the company to distribute the investor presentation and other documentation to the investors during and after Seed Forum. Each Seed Forum investor matchmaking forum is conducted according to the Seed Forum general disclaimer.


What are the results from Seed Forum?

Seed Forum is constantly developing the Seed Forum process as a “best practice initiative” to aim for the highest possible professional level.

Evaluations of the Seed Forum process is based on questionnaires and is mainly evaluating the number of investor leads a company can get from participating in the Seed Forum Process, increase of competence within investor readiness, focus on growth and access to new markets and number of B2B contacts. Seed Forum is a method to acquire investor leads, and the main question for a company is how many leads the process will create fur further contact and negotiations with investors. The average number of important investor leads (so-called A-leads) from all international and local Seed Forums for immediate follow-up in 2011 was 7 investor leads per company per forum. The quantity of investor leads may vary in various forum destinations. As Seed Forum cannot legally influence on the further contact and negotiations with investors after the forum we are not evaluating the number of investment deals and acquired capital from the process.

The national evaluation of the Seed Forum process in Norway in 2007 conducted by Innovation Norway (the Norwegian National Development Agency) concluded very positive results which has led to that the Seed Forum process in Norway is currently referred to as a national program within the Norwegian innovation system. Specific results from local processes in Norway previously conducted internally by the Seed Forum Norway Foundation has shown that more than 91 % of the companies taking part in the process wants to participate again in another destination, and 97 % of the companies wants to recommend to others to take part in the process..

It is an increasing trend that companies firstly pitching in local Seed Forums want to re-run in International Seed Forums, and per 2012 more than 50 % of the companies firstly pithing in local forums have later presented in more than one international Seed Forum. Some companies have presented in more than 10 Seed Forum detonations as the main method for access to new markets.

Seed forum has per 2013 conducted more than 100 pitch trainings and more than 250 investor forums.


  How is the Seed Forum disclaimer for investors?

The following disclaimer is valid for all Seed Forums:

Disclaimer Seed Forum (Destination)
Investment in new business carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is highly speculative and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies. Before investing in a project about which is given in the context of Seed Forum, potential investors must rely on their own examination of the company. The event host or partners are not authorized to arrange transactions or circulate offer documents under current existing legislation. No Seed Forum documents or presentations constitute an offer, invitation or inducement to the public to subscribe for or otherwise acquire shares, debentures or other securities in any enterprise. The information contained in Seed Forum documents and presented at the Seed Forum event is obtained primarily from the entrepreneurs associated with the featured businesses. The accuracy of the information has not been independently verified and cannot be guaranteed. All statements contained in documents and presentations are made without responsibility on the part of the event host or




Seed Forum Sarajevo autumn 2013 in the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Marijus Surdokas, CEO & Co-founder at GetHouse.Lt

“Seed Forum made a great start for my business. I found inspiration to develop my product and I got enough investment to realize my business plan. The most important part of the event is a networking. I havemet some influential persons and they gave me the contacts of other influential persons. That makes sense.“