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1st pitch training in Kaunas May 23, 2011

The 1st pitch training in Kaunas was kindly hosted by Telesoftas in the Kaunas Technology Park on Monday the 23rd of May 2011. The pitch training included 8 companies whereof 6 from Lithuania and 2 from Latvia


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Gedas Stankevičius , CEO & Founder, GS-TRAILERS

Our team would highly recommend Seed Forum not only as a place to get investments but also as a place to gain world class pitch training experience. Seed forum is a great place to establish high end valued network between investors, mentors and significant growth potential having companies.Special attribute about this organization is that once you in, you are capable to participate in every Seed Forum event around the world, at the same time improving your pitching skill, growing your business network, getting valuable feedbacks and comments on your business from the best out of the best business people in the world.

Thank you for amazing experience and looking forward to be a part of future Seed Forum events!