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The best attended Seminar and Pitch Training in Riga September 13, 2013

The 7th pitch training in Riga was kindly hosted in the premises of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on Friday the 13th of September 2013. From more than 30 companies nominated to the training it was 20 companies selected to take part in the training. 


The companies was participating in the training with the aim to be selected to present in Seed Forum Riga on Thursday the 26th of September and in Seed Forums overseas. The training was run in 2 paralell process groups.


Gints Vins, Seed Forum Board Member for Central and East Europe: "This was probably one of the best Seed Forum Fundraising education and Pitch Training seminars we have ever had in Latvia. Aproximatelly one half of the participants in the seminar represented already well established companies with running business and cash flows, the other half - were still start-ups. All participants have very highly evaluated results of the seminar and we are really happy for thsat!


Seed Forum Latvia participation in a EU Central Baltic Region grant scheme through the Home Market project has really yealded a good results for the process as well as for the local Latvian companies providing oportunity and low cost access to very high quality Investment process training program. The only similar education and training program in Europe is run by European Venture Capital Association and participation for European companies at those courses comes at hefty EUR 2500,- price per participant. Home Market program gave access to Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish companies to this training possibility free of charge".


Unfortunatelly, this is the last time when Seed Forum seminars in Latvia have been conducted free of charge and already next spring seminars will be conducted with a fee, which will be annunced later this year.        


Venue of the event:  LIAA building, Perses street 2, 2nd floor conference hall, Riga, Latvia

Date of the event: Friday the 13th of September 2013