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Pitch training seminar Riga April 7

Invitation to Seed Forum Fundraising Education and Pitch Training seminar


Two-day Seminar from 7 - 8 April is organised by Seed Forum International Foundation in close co-operation with Latvian Business Angels Network (LATBAN).


Companies looking for financing are invited to apply for Seed Forum Process!

The only requirement for the company is to fill in and submit to Seed Forum Latvia Foundation the Standard Business Summary in English (http://seedforum.org/register/company).

All nominated companies will be invited to a two-day Fundraising Education and Pitch Training seminar in Riga on 07-08 April, 2017 in the premises of Riga Business School, 11 Skolas Street, Riga, Latvia, which includes an intensive theoretical lecturing as well as individual coaching and drilling in public business concept presentation techniques. Lectures and individual training program are conducted by very experienced Seed Forum lecturers, coaches and expert professionals in English language. Theoretical lectures cover issues like:

-          What are the benefits (and risks) of private financial investing and Venture Capital fundraising?

-          How to find private financial investors and to present them your business project?

-          What are the investors looking for in target companies and what are the major corporate Value drivers?

-          How to plan and build the corporate financial development strategy?

-          What the investment process consists of (the phases and documentation)?

-          What should you be aware of when meeting/negotiating with potential financial investors?

-          How to avoid selling company under-priced?

and numerous other important fundraising process concepts. 

Fee for participation at the seminar in Riga on 07-08 April, 2017 is EUR 50 /per company. All companies & presenters participating in the Seminar will be evaluated and out-selected to present in the Seed Forum Investor Forums.  Seed Forum and LATBAN jointly organized investor conference in Riga will take place on April 20th, 2017 in conference hall of ALTUM Bank, 4 Doma square, 1st floor, Riga, Latvia.

Seminar participant target group:

Innovative startups, actively looking for initial funding as well as well established conventional companies in need for extra financing are invited. Growing, export-oriented companies seeking expansion into new markets use Seed Forum International Investor forums for finding partners and entering new markets and partnerships.

For more detailed information contact:


Elīna Fomina,

+371 29420055




Aiga Kalbjonoka

+371 26959806






Coaches and Mentors at Fundraising Education and Pitch Training seminar


Steinar H. Korsmo – is the CEO and founder of Seed Forum International Foundation. Steinar Korsmo is actively developing organization as well as still personally conducting many of the Seed Forum Education Process activities as well as moderating Seed Forum investor conferences.

Steinar H. Korsmo has been leading Campus Kjeller business incubator in Norway in 2001 from where Seed Forum originates. Steinar H. Korsmo has since grown The Seed Forum concept from a local process in Norway to a global concept, and it is currently a global process including Education process and Investor Match-making conferences for investor ready companies from all over the World.  In co-operation with numerous Norwegian and International organizations, private companies and National Governments emphasizing the need of a strong financial market place Seed Forum Process is currently a main tool and a model for regional development and the establishment of regional and national innovation systems in many other countries.  Seed Forum is after 12 years of existence annually bringing a great amount of investor ready born global companies to pitch to investors in more than 30 countries locally, nationally and overseas. The process has created a tremendous activity and tremendous amount of investor leads for companies and investors.

Steinar H. Korsmo is a Norwegian and lives in Oslo. He has been an active member of Norwegian Liberal party as well as private investor in companies in Norway and Russia. Steinar H. Korsmo is an expressive and well recognized business lecturer and coach in Norway with probably one of the most extensive business couching experience Worldwide annually conduction business lecturing and couching in more than 20 countries.


Gints Vins – is Vice President of Seed Forum International and one of the Seed Forum international coaches, responsible for Seed Forum activities in Central Eastern Europe.

Gints Vins has an extensive personal business career – from being serial entrepreneur, starting out several of his own companies, developing them, raising financing, selling, till leading one of the largest corporate investment funds in the Baltic region as well as sitting on the boards of large international financial institutions. During early 90-ies Gints Vins has been involved in private media market – initiated and participated in establishment of several major Latvian media outlets, including Latvian daily newspaper “Diena”, news agency “Baltic News Service” and English language newspaper “The Baltic Observer”.  Co-founder of Baltic News Service A/S, currently the biggest Baltic wire service belonging to Finnish Alma Media Group. From 1997 Gints was General Manager and Director for the largest Baltic investment house and Fund Management company Hansa Investments Ltd. responsible for all Hansa Investments Latvian operations. For five years Gints Vins has also been representing Norwegian Government business development agency – Norwegian Trade Council in Latvia. Since 2001 Gints Vins works for his own investment company and is actively involved in M&A business as well as fundraising for his own companies and his clients.       

Gints Vins has received business education from 2 universities in St.Petersburg, Russia as well as Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. Gints Vins has been guest lecturer for Entrepreneurship in SSE Riga Business School, Latvian State University and Riga Technical University MBA Programme, he is one of the most expressive Seed Forum business coach with an extensive international business couching experience.


Artis Kehris – is a startup business development and strategy consultant for high growth potential Internet companies at their pre-seed and seed stage. Artis consults startup founders on business strategy, business model, monetization, understanding global market entry, presentation and pitch preparation for raising investment.


Artis has more than 8 years of global experience of managing successful startups, four years being Director of Sales at ASK.FM, a social network founded in Latvia with more than 180 million registered users globally and, which was acquired twice by Silicon Valley’s leading Internet corporations.


Currently Artis is a co-founder of a new e‐commerce platform Printify. He holds a MA of Management Studies from University of Aberdeen, with his startups have participated in startup accelerator programs 500startups (US), StartupBootcamp (DK) and RockstartAccelerator (NL).





 Fundraising Education and Pitch training Seminar



Innovative Entrepreneurship and Fundraising Basic concepts

Introduction to Investor Mind-set and Value Drivers

General information about the Seed Forum Process

Plenary presentation round – all participants

Practical run-through of company presentations, Investment Process Concepts

Corrections in pp-slides 

Practical run-through of company presentations, Investment Process Concepts

Documents in the Investment Process and preparation for Due Diligence

Negotiation techniques with investors, value drivers and exit strategies

How to protect your competitive edge

The art of networking 

Investor Readiness workshop - companies working in groups

Drilling of Power Pitch, summing up and conclusions on progression for further development of the pitch

For the Seminar Entrepreneurs are asked to prepare Draft Presentation of their company/business project on pp (not on .pdf!) slides in English language and personally present it during 7 minutes Pitch (apprx. 10-14 slides – see Seed Forum guideline here  )

Entrepreneurs are expected to bring their own laptop computers and throughout the seminar actively work on development and improvement of their investor presentation.

Companies are expected to be presented by their owners, CEO’s or General Managers. In case if they are not fluent in English, company might be presented by another Presenter but the main decision-makers of the company are required (!) to be present. 

Through-out the Seminar participating companies are evaluated for their preparedness and progress, their English language and presentation skills as well as business concept application for Seed Forum investor conferences. After seminar based on the Process Manager recommendations, Seed Forum Selection Pannell invites ~50% of the seminar participants to present their company pitch at the national Seed Forum Investor conference as well as upon invitation – in any of the 20+ other Seed Forum conference destinations around the World.

About 20% of all of the Seed Forum presenters get funded!

Be sharp, show your drive! J


Seed Forum Latvia Foundation

Seed Forum International Foundation