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Steinar Hoel Korsmo

President & CEO Seed Forum Global

Mobile: +47 920 11 415



Seed Forum Global


From the 26th Seed Forum in London - 14th November 2014

“We are extremely happy with the outcome of Seed Forum. It was perfectly organised by people truly dedicated to what they do. We received effective and thorough training prior to the event, and we enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere. We made lots of useful connections to investors and advisors.”

- Art Stavenka, Founder, Old Bond London


“I enjoyed meeting the innovative companies in attendance and gained a good insight into the current innovation outside of the UK. It was well-organised and I look forward to attending the next event.”

- Richard Cleveley, Associate, Ruffena Capital


“Snaptivity is proud of being a part of Seed Forum in London. Seed Forum is an absolutely unique event where start-ups can get connections, introductions and start building relationships with investors and partners. The full-service package from pitch training to networking at the Seed Forum makes a great start for your business and shows the start up’s readiness for funding and going global. If you want to build a successful international business, Seed Forum is definitely something you have to look at!”

- Olly Paulovich, Creative Marketing Director, Snaptivity


“I must say I enjoyed the Seed Forum event – my first experience. I thought the pitches were good and I look forward to attending future Seed Forum events.”

- Belinda Cerclay, independent investor representative


“Seed Forum London is a super-productive environment for start-ups and investors to find common ground and synergise. The format of the event is perfect for building effective relations with the right people.”

- Aleksandr Furtak, Co-founder and CTO, Dressboom


“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of start-ups pitching at the Seed Forum UK – much higher than a usual demo day. They came from all over Europe and their pitches were clear and sharp. I’m following up with most of them regarding investment and other business opportunities.”

- Monika Gierszewska, Partner Manager, EntrepreneurCountry


“I enjoyed my experience at the Seed Forum London event. The quality of companies was good and so were their presentations. I will definitely be back.”

- Kjartan Rist, Partner, Concentric Partners


"There were some very interesting companies pitching at Seed Forum London - companies who are really trying to disrupt some of the established business models of tech. I look forward to the next event."

- Luke Tripp, Analyst, Tech Leaders Capital